Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine used to attract more than 20 million foreign citizens every year (23 million in 2012) Visitors primarily come from Eastern Europe, but also from Western Europe as well as Turkey and All around the world.

Ukraine is a destination on the crossroads between central and eastern Europe, between north and south. It borders Russia and is not far from Turkey. It has mountain ranges – the Carpathian Mountains suitable for skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting.

The coastline on the Black Sea is a popular summer destination for vacationers. Ukraine has vineyards where they produce native wines, ruins of ancient castles, historical parks, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches as well as a few mosques and synagogues.

Kiev, the country’s capital city has many unique structures such as Saint Sophia Cathedral and broad boulevards. There are other cities well-known to tourists such as the harbour town Odesa and the old city of Lviv in the west. Most of Western Ukraine, which used to be within the borders of the Republic of Poland before World War II, is a popular destination for Poles.

Odessa is a popular vacation destination for tourists for swimming or sun tanning on the Black Sea with its warm climate, rugged mountains, plateaus and ancient ruins, though the tourist trade. Visitors can also take cruise tours by ship on the Dnieper River from Kiev to the Black Sea coastline. Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and offers a wide variety of original dishes.

The country’s tourism industry is generally considered to be developed, and it does provide crucial support for Ukraine’s economy. Ukraine does have certain advantages, including much lower costs than other European destinations, as well as visa-free access for most people from Europe, the former Soviet Union, and North America. Since 2005 citizens of European Union and EFTA, United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea no longer require a visa to visit Ukraine for tourism purposes.

1- Visa support

When you’re planning to visit Ukraine, first thing you should check is Visa required or not ? in both case you are in a right place we will provide you all necessary documents and guid you to apply for tourist visa to Ukraine.

2- Transport

Save your time and money at the start or end of your stay in Ukraine and pre-book a private transfer from all International Airport in Ukraine, or vice versa. Once you arrive, you’ll meet your driver, waiting for you with a name sign, ready to take your bags and show you to your car.

3- Tour

Enjoy an informative and fun sightseeing Ukrainian city tour with an expert local guide. You will visit all the main tourist sights and hear a lot of interesting information about the interesting places of Ukraine. You will discover the beauty and historical cities of Ukraine and see the modern buildings and districts.

4- Hotel Booking

We will find for the best hotel in all cities of Ukraine according your requirement from the luxury boutique hotels and apartments in the city center to the cheap hostels at best prices.

Ukraine Visa Support

When you’re planning to visit Ukraine, first thing you should do is check if Visa to Ukraine is required for your country. Here you will find all the necessary information about the tourist visa to Ukraine and Ukrainian visa requirements. We will help you apply for Ukraine visa quickly and easy!

1. Do I need a visa to enter Ukraine?

Visa to Ukraine is not required for large number of countries, including USA, countries of European Union, Canada, Japan, Great Britain and others. Citizens of these countries can stay in Ukraine up to 90 days without visa. For travelers from other countries visa is needed to enter Ukraine.You may find the complete list of countries and the visa requirements on the official page of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. What type of Visa should I get?

Depending on the purpose of your visit of Ukraine, there are several types of visa – private, business, tourism and transit. Our company offers a visa support only for applying for Ukraine tourist visa. Only you are responsible for knowing the type of visa you need. We provide advice and legal assistance in preparing and submitting the necessary documents to obtain a tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners. With our help, you can get a visa to Ukraine in full compliance with the Ukrainian laws in the shortest possible time.

3. Requirements for Ukrainian visa?

The full list of required documents may vary according to the country, so it is obligatory to check this information in the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Usually, the following documents are required for Ukrainian visa:

  • Valid travel passport
  • Filled in original application form
  • 2 photos (35×45 mm size)
  • Round-trip flight/train tickets
  • Visa supporting documents (tourist voucher, invitation letter, hotel reservation, etc.)
  • Consular fee
4. How do I get a tourist voucher to Ukraine and how much does it cost?

In order to get a tourist voucher from our company you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Intended dated of the trip;
  • Scan copy of your passport;
  • Tour itinerary, cities of entering and leaving Ukraine
  • Hotel reservation (you may book the hotel by yourself or we can book a hotel in Ukraine for you);
  • In case you need the hard copies of the documents – post address for delivery of the originals by DHL.

Our Services package includes :

  • Tourist voucher
  • Copy of the bank guarantee;
  • Copy of the license for carrying out tour operator activities.
  • Hotel Booking
  • Medical Insurance
5. How long does it take to get the tourist voucher?

After we get all the required information and payment, we will send you the soft copies of the voucher and other documents in two business days or less. The DHL delivery usually takes around 2-4 days and depends on the country of the recipient.

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