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Kitangry Corporation process every aspect of your business’ need for the purpose of attaining success for your investment in Ukraine. Services include Finance, Marketing, Business Development, Advertising, PR, and Legal.

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We works closely with each client, getting the project ready for Ukrainian market. Our team of professionals provide personal attention and work with clients on all required materials necessary to appeal to achieve goals, creating a business plan that displays the most attractive and sought-after assets for that specific industry, and giving your business an advantage over the competition.

Kitangry Corporation connects startups with Ukrainian business market, we work with investors of different levels, ensuring that each match is beneficial for both parties. We provide business strategy for investors, based technology type, financial services, and target market, investors that have similar interests in business, sufficient investment budget, appropriate market connections, and ample potential to promote the company.

Our business services include an online platform providing investors looking for their next important opportunity.



Our dedicated team of financial professionals begin their work with the Company by first analyzing business activity , and understanding the business model, the industry, the potential market, and the financial need. Together with the Company the team will work on adjusting the required materials, preparing the business for a successful investment with the right material:

Business services Ukraine,business consulting services,business services,services business

  1. Business Activity analysis, which results in a thorough understanding of the business activity, functionality, and the benefits it brings to the market and to its users (including market feasibility, critical viewpoints, technical feasibility, business model analysis, and target user analysis).
  2. Market analysis, identifying the market and its clients’ profile (including market analysis, technology trends, and competitors).

Based on previous factors Kitangry Corporation team will provide initial business strategy for investors.when the both partners agree the investment will be profitable for both partners. The team will then start preparing the materials required for presentation to potential clients:

  • Investor Presentation – a focused exhibit of the business and all its elements. Slides should be short and to the point, supported by research and data, using defensible assumptions, and including information about the idea and the market.
  • Business Plan – a roadmap for the business which includes essential information for business activity, usually consisting of 3-5 year projections and outlining the route the company intends to take to grow revenues.
  • Company’s financials – calculations expected by investors, including typical revenues and expenses.
  • Operational website – up-to-date company information and activity descriptions.
Marketing Services


Creating the right marketing strategy is necessary for achieving revenues, leading to a greater volume of business growth. Marketing is based on systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities which generates a consumer decision whether or not to choose a product from a specific company.

Business services Ukraine,business consulting services,business services,services business A successful marketing strategy consists of: market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community involvement.

Our marketing team combines many years of experience and proven success in designing and executing successful marketing plans for many projects. The team has strong connections in many market verticals and personal contacts with high-level executives and decision makers in large organizations, which allows easy access and the ability to present any company or product to the right people without dragging through long processes and endless rejections.

Marketing team at Kitangry Corporation is very aware of the fact that a good marketing strategy is the key to success. Marketing research provided by our team for your product or service includes the following:

  1. Evaluation of market needs.
  2. Evaluation of the market size.
  3. Present and future competitors.
  4. Estimating of economic factors.
  5. Determining the perfect price point (volume & profitability).
  6. Differentiate and create unique selling propositions.
  7. define the best advertising medium.
Business Development


As business development executives, we know that business development opportunities come in many forms and must be designed specifically for each client, service, and product. We work with the clients and get the best options for your investment, building relationships based on co-branding, white-labeling, product development, advertising, licensing, revenue sharing, or any other type.

Business services Ukraine,business consulting services,business services,services business

Kitangry Corporation makes things happen. We work with you and share our ideas, learn about your goals, and make sure that your investment is involved and comfortable with every developed opportunity. We start making calls and we work on Business Development Plan for your project right from the day we are assigned to work with you, which includes:

  • Define Opportunities – We work with your project to identify prospects that can maximize the value of your products and/or services. We then prioritize the prospects to be targeted, and we make the right plan. All of this is done with agreed-upon goals so that our strategy and your expectations are aligned.
  • Establish an approach – Through our strong and personal relationships in many market verticals, we have immediate access to the right people in many companies. We listen to the potential partner, we analyze his needs, and we design your offer and value proposition to fit the partner’s situation, keeping your goals in focus.
  • Construct a deal – We have the skill and experience to structure deals for your products and/or services with any type of strategic partner, of any size and form. We present your products and/or services in a way that optimizes the value of your proposition, and creates strong demand by the potential partner in place, ensuring that deals closed benefit both parties.
  • Finalize terms – Although we are proficient and experienced at partnership negotiations, term sheets, and managing the process of getting the best deal done, we keep you involved in the process and we consult with you on every issue while negotiating the partnership terms.
  • Maximize value – We know very well that managing the new partnership is more important than securing the deal. Our team will support the partnership by implementing and optimizing the partnerships to achieve a positive impact on your business, which is the goal of every partnership deal.
Legal Services


At Kitangry Corporation Legal services are provided by our partnered law firm.Our partnered law firm has been involved in some of the important corporate deals, representing companies, negotiating with some of the country’s significant law firms, and achieving deal results which exceed clients’ expectations.

Business services Ukraine,business consulting services,business services,services business

The legal team works closely with our company, providing legal insight with the intention to protect the interests of the both parties, while at the same time promoting best interests. The team holds the expertise and the resources to provide dynamic representation during every stage of any deal negotiation.

Our legal team provides investors with legal advice – a formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in connection with the company’s legal issues, creating awareness and pointing out matters that best be avoided or dealt with before they become legal issues.
Many of our clients engage our legal team as subcontracted internal counsel, an arrangement that provides the following benefits:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the project its, and its legal needs.
  • A long-term relationship, which creates efficiency.
  • Having a legal expert as an internal part of the management team.